Why the new name?

Since the start of VSSM Bark & Play in 2016, the puppy and handler community of the Netherlands has been growing steadily. The first and second Mr Puppy Europe were Dutch pups (Kriszly and Bjoyd) and because there were several Dutch contestants entering the competition each year, we decided to start a Mr Puppy Netherlands Contest in 2017.

We have seen some awesome pups perform at the three contests we hosted: Pup Yuki, Pup Vito, Pup Sigil, Pup Luco, Pup Kodi and of course Pup Bentley (Mr Puppy NL 2017), Pup Makker (Mr Puppy NL 2018) and Pup Sada, our current Mr Puppy NL 2019. One thing stands out: these pups are all male. And while the community was growing and with Bark & Play being an all gender, all sexuality welcoming event, more and more female pups joined in.

You may have seen Sada’s performance at the contest last year, pointing out that one of his main goals during his title year would be to bring male and female pups closer together. As a contest organisation we applauded this, but at the same time we realised that the name of our contest wasn’t as inclusive as we would have hoped. This is why we have decided to change it.

From now on the Mr Puppy NL Contest will be known as the Dutch Puppy Contest.

The titleholder will still be called Mr Puppy NL … or Ms Puppy NL, depending on which they prefer.

We hope you will join us after the summer at the first Dutch Puppy Contest to find our Mr or Ms Puppy NL 2020!

Last update: 27 February 2019