The Dutch Puppy Contest welcomes you!

For almost a year now Mini Puppy Sada has been the face of our community in his role of Mr Puppy NL 2019. The time has come to find his successor!

Pup Sada is stepping down and the Dutch Puppy Contest will be an afternoon to remember, so you may want to put it on your calendar and be there!

Like last year, our new titleholder will be chosen at Club Church, a well known cruising club in the city center of Amsterdam. A great and intimate location!

On Friday 25 October you will have the chance to meet and greet with the contestants for this year's contest at The Web Bar. Of course the judges will be there too, because they will have to interview the puppies during this informal evening. Also there will be drinks and possibly treats!

Saturday 26 October we will transform Club Church into puppy heaven. There will be a large play area and of course lots of toys and treats. Every pup, handler and curious one is welcome to come and play to their heart's content. Our contestants will compete in three rounds. The judges will judge, but we also want you to cast your vote, because this pup is going to be representing you. Somewhere around 17:00h the new titleholder will be announced!

We hope to welcome you to mosh, dance and celebrate with us!

Club Church

The Web Bar

Last updated: 17 September 2019